From Heroes to Zeros

The cataclysmic fall of healthcare workers (and others) from grace.

The Fantastic Fogey
3 min readAug 30, 2021


Plummeting from the heights of grace is dangerous because you never know where you might land. Just ask Bill Cosby. Unlike the actor who played Cliff Huxtable healthcare workers of the unvaccinated variety probably won’t end up in jail, but then again maybe they will.

The descent of healthcare workers from heroes to zeros comes at the hands of Washington State Governor Jay Inslee.

The ‘Mad Monarch of Mandates’ decreed that all unvaccinated healthcare workers will be terminated by October 18, 2021, if they fail to take the shots. As if this were not bad enough, the Imperial Imbecile then included education workers in his edict, throwing them under the proverbial school bus on a whim.

This loopy-leftist states that any healthcare worker, state employee, or education worker who refuses the shots will lose their jobs. Not satisfied with this level of coercion, the Governor turned the screws even further by stating no employee fired for their “failure” to take the COVID jabs would receive state unemployment benefits.

If all this seems a bit harsh, that’s because it is. As with any democrat your rights and freedoms are OK if you do as they say. Take the shot. The pain is temporary as far as anyone knows. Take the shot and this will all be over.

This mandate issued by liberals, despite its tyrannical foundation, is in your best interest and is based on their guiding principles of compassion and tolerance. They are always tolerant of those they force to comply with their viewpoint.

Last year healthcare workers were the living embodiment of saintliness and heroism. Parades were thrown in their honor and their neighbors applauded them as they headed off to work. In general, they were held in the highest of esteem, and rightly so. Now, if they stay unwilling to take the COVID jabs they are persona non grata at best.

Professionals who were indispensable in the fight against this pandemic are now nothing more than trash to be discarded for violating the cardinal rule of the socialist left; thinking for themselves. Some of their fellow citizens seem glad to see them go.

Every day on social media, that vapid battleground where intelligent discourse went to die, people fairly scream at the great unvaccinated to get the shots. Get the shots, get the shots…



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