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How to Offend a Virus

The Fantastic Fogey
4 min readJul 13, 2020


COVID-19 or the Coronavirus has filed suit in Federal Court claiming that it has been defamed by the word, “Chinese” or “Wuhan” in referring to the illness and is seeking restitution in the form of a wider spread of infection among the US population.

Its lawyers claim that justice on behalf of their client can be achieved by allowing it to run rampant among US citizens, preferably conservative voters. Most Americans by contrast, would let it to be liberally applied to the lips of every member of the American Bar Association on general principle.

Geographic or region of origination to assign names to a new virus is not unprecedented. MERS is the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, The Spanish Flu, The Zika Virus, named after a forest in Ziika Uganda, Lassa Virus, named after the village in which it originated, and the Ebola Virus, which is named after a nearby river from the village in which it started, are all examples of this common practice.

To date there has been little to any resistance to this method of naming viruses. Apparently, COVID-19 has better lawyers, the support of the main-stream media and liberals in general. Now Athlete’s Foot is seeking a billion-dollar settlement from Dr. Scholl.

You may think this absurd. Nonetheless, the quote I am about to share with you will tell you that we live in age of unparalleled absurdity.

Harvey Dong a lecturer in Asian American and Asian diaspora studies at the University of California at Berkeley expressed outrage over the term. He responded, “It’s racist and it creates xenophobia, It’s a very dangerous situation.”

I am not making any of this up, not even the name of this learned academic.

What in the world is “Asian diaspora” studies? According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary diaspora is defined as;

1 a: the Jews living outside Palestine or modern Israel //members of the Diaspora

b: the settling of scattered colonies of Jews outside ancient Palestine after the Babylonian exile

c: the area outside ancient Palestine settled by Jews

2 a: people settled far from their ancestral homelands //members of the African diaspora



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