Stupid Questions

The Fantastic Fogey
3 min readApr 24

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.” — Albert Einstein

Nothing much has changed since Einstein posited the infinite nature of human stupidity. Much of the human stupidity Einstein encountered couldn’t hold a candle to the kind of ignorant absurdities that make up much of everyday life in America today.

I​t has been said that there are no stupid questions, but I think we can throw that adage out entirely.

F​rom the question of open borders, should vaccines be mandated, or whether men should compete in women’s sports, there is no shortage of stupid questions.

We know doltish queries exist when so many modern sociopolitical conundrums are clearly, and thoroughly foolish.

The great political questions of our day are nothing more than simple-minded tantrums disguised as intellect-challenging riddles. These supposed contemporary moral quandaries that stir controversy are at best dumb and at worst idiotic.

For instance, who in their right mind can rationally and logically assert that any legitimate question exists about allowing drag queens to read to children in our schools? This is not a troublesome mindbender. This is a no brainer.

H​ow did this become a bone of contention with anyone? It’s patently obvious that cross-dressing men should be prohibited from schools. The same logic applies to preventing strippers as career day speakers, and why hand-feeding wolverines is prohibited in student cafeterias.

To assuage the “See me” contingent I acknowledge that drag queens exist. For a small part of society they are considered a form of entertainment. My opposition to their school visits does not deny the reality of their rouge-covered cheeks.

If being a fringe form of entertainment and possessing peculiar sexual proclivities are justification for school appearances, then why prevent autoerotic adherents, bondage lovers, and porn stars?

Just because children will be free as adults to immerse themselves in any legal manner of psycho sexual perversions they wish does not mean those options should be available to them at recess.

Historically a line exists that delineates what we refer to as “adult” choices from those we expect children to grapple with. Voting, serving in the army, getting married, or drinking alcohol are considered ‘adult’ choices.

The Fantastic Fogey

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