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4 min readOct 15, 2020

Aspersion casting in an election year is as an Olympic sport. During election season, heaping ugly and untrue allegations on one’s opponent is a political rule. As has been the case for a generation the Left’s biggest allegation is that the Republican nominee is a racist.

Trump is a racist, G.W. Bush was a racist, G.H. Bush was racist, Reagan was a racist. Notice a pattern here? Were Democrats aware that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican they would call him a racist. Leftists, Democrats, and the mainstream press use their prejudices as a basis to call others prejudiced.

In Trump’s case these paragons of racial virtue typically offer three examples as proof of their claim, and all three contain truth construed into a lie.

Example #1: Charlottesville, VA Protest Violence

About the violence that occurred in the aftermath of a protest in Charlottesville, Va. the Left seized on six words they took out of context to accuse the president of being a racist. They claimed that President Trump said that there were “very fine people on both sides,” at that tragic event.

The truth is those words were purposely misreported. Yes, Trump said them, but he did so while describing the two sides of the Confederate monument debate, not in describing white supremacists at the Virginia tragedy.

Example #2: Trump’s Immigration Policies are Racist and Xenophobic

Oft repeated claims the Left uses to “prove” Trump is racist center on the enforcement of safe, legal, and orderly immigration laws. Enforcing existing laws and erecting a physical barrier to illegal entry with no regard for race or ethnicity is a rational response to a festering problem. A problem generations of politicians ignored.

Example # 3: Trump’s Alleged Ban on Muslim Immigration

Trump’s opponents claim that a temporary ban on refugees from Muslim countries whose systems can’t properly vet asylum seekers is prima facie evidence of the president’s racist views. Temporarily halting immigration from countries whose security processes can’t accurately and consistently identify potential terrorists was a necessity to protect Americans. This decision was prudent national security policy, not racism.

Democrats have made race an issue in the 2020 election, as they have in every election for the past fifty years. They’ve done so without examining their own candidate’s words on this most…

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