The King and Us

The Fantastic Fogey
3 min readJan 31, 2022

The Governor of Washington and the Emperor in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ have much in common. One is an actual King and the other thinks he is royalty. One actually wears clothes and the other is deluded into believing his nudity is clothing. Both are wrong and only one is real. Unfortunately for Washingtonians its Inslee.

Inslee’s nearly two year reign as COVID King in Washington continues, but there are signs that his subjects are chafing at his imperial yoke.

Last Thursday His Royal Doofus held a press conference in which he fielded questions on a variety of subjects, but two particular issues dominated the event.

First, he was asked about a new bill being considered by the state’s legislature that would limit his emergency authority. His response and I am quoting here;

“I’m not very excited about this.”

He’s not “very excited” about the legislature curbing his virtually unlimited power grab? His feelings seem to echo those of the American public when he ran for president. If you are just learning about Inslee’s stealth presidential run, don’t be surprised. Your lack of awareness about this effort underscores the level of apathy his campaign engendered.

His Imperial Highness is miffed at the mere thought that his emergency authority needs to be limited. Inslee’s lack of enthusiasm for diminishing his authority is similar to how Marie Antoinette felt about the guillotine. Fortunately for Inslee he’s only lost his head figuratively.



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